tirsdag 17. november 2009

I have received an award!

I Have received an award from Mandy http://asprinklingofglitter.blogspot.com/ . And I need to answer theese questions... I will do my best.
Thank you so much Mandy! I appreciate it! :) :) :)

Where is your cell phone? - In the hall.

Hair? -Blond.

Mother ? - Vigdis.

Father ? - Nils.

Favourite food? - Pepper Steak.

Dream last night ? - No.

Favourite drink ?- My own homemade Blueberry syrup.

Dream goal ? - To be ahead of things.

What room are you in ? - Livingroom.

Your hobby ? - Crafting, Scrapping, Knitting, Sewing, Painting.

Your fear? - Spiders.

Where do you want to be in 6 years time ? - Same as now.

Where were you last night ? - Visiting friends.

Something you aren't ? - Perfect.

Muffins ? - Chocolate chip.

Wishlist item ? - More stamps.

Where did you grow up ? - did I?.

Last thing you did ? - Finish my card for Stempelglede Card Contest.

What are you wearing ? - T-shirt and jeans.

Your tv ? - Is on.

Your pets ? - Only the dotty ones in my corners.

Your friends ? - Love them all.

Your life ? - I like.

Your mood ? - Good.

Missing someone ? - Yes my boyfriend .

Vehicle ? - Yes 2.... -We have 2,- Audi and Mercedes... Very old...

Something you're not wearing ? - Contact lenses.

Your favourite store ? - To many to start mentioning.

Your favourite colour ? - Turquoise.

Last time you laughed ? - Yesterday.

Last time you cried ? - Cant remember...

Your best friend ? - one of them is my neighbour :).

One place you go to over and over ? - my neighbour:).

Person who emails you regularly? - ebay..... :).

Favourite place to eat? - home.

Facebook ? - Yes.

I need to pass this on to 5 lovely people and here thay are:

Chris http://twinklesglow-glowbug.blogspot.com/

Cheryl http://mycardmakinghaven.blogspot.com/

Jacqui http://jacqui47.blogspot.com/

Kim http://kimpiggott.blogspot.com/

Ila http://artfullyila.blogspot.com/

Please pop over and pay these lovely girls a visit and take a peek at their fab blogs.

3 kommentarer:

Kim Piggott sa...

Hi Sol,
Congratulations on your award!
Thank you so very much for thinking of me. I am honoured to receive this from you!
kim x

Cheryl sa...

Congratulations on your award Sol.Thankyou so much for thinking of me.I have also left an award for you, but haven't had the chance to let you know you can find it here
Hugs xx

Ila sa...

Congrats on the well deserved Award Sol!!...I'm sure with ya on that Steak!!...Thank you so much for thinking of me..I'm so pleased!!..I just recieved this Award recently so I will give you the link...of my answers...Thanks Again...Hugs, Ila