onsdag 6. januar 2010

Made 20 years ago

I just had to show you! This is a fenjal soap i decorated over 20 years ago.... :)

Went to one of my aunts one of the days before Christmas... and she had something so show me.... So Fun! Just had to take some photos of it. I made this... when I still lived with my parents... I guess I was about 13 or 14 years old when I made this!...

For me It was so fun to see one of theese again... Cause I gave them all away to my aunts and uncles... Not even my mom got one I think.... (Sorry mom)!... And I guess I have to find the boxes, whith all this stuff... Cause I can use all of it for cards also... :) How fun...

1 kommentar:

Guro sa...

Wow nydelig :-) 20 årsiden, ikke verst! Veldig mye fint her inne, legger meg som følger slik at jeg finner veien tilbake en annen gang.
Ha en flott dag!
Klem Guro