torsdag 17. desember 2009

Wedding Card

Hello everyone! Just wanted to post a wedding card I was asked to make, for a colleague of my godfather. They were going to celebrate them today at work.
As always with me.. It was a card created at the last minute night time... Soooo much to do before Christmas. And in just a few hours, I´ll leave for work for 6 days... Therefore I have decorated my Christmas Tree already... And my home is quite ready for Christmas... red cloths, candles and so on. And Just right now I listen to Susan Boyle and her album " I dreamed a dream" It is so beautiful... And her voice is stunning! I reccomend it! I will listen to her in my car also... I do have 2 1/2 - 3 hours to drive. The weather is not to good. Snow, wind. And I guess quite slippery on the road. I will take my time, and I am also prepared to wait in the car if the road is closed or something...... (read chocolate and snack :) )
I am sorry for such few comments from me on your blogs lately... I have been visiting... but have not taken the time to comment... I wish everyone in this Blog World a Merry Christmas. I wish you all the Best for the New Year. And I will see you soon!
Merry Christmas!
Hugs Solveig

onsdag 18. november 2009

Stempelglede Handmade Card Contest

This is my contribution to Stempelgledes Handmade Card Contest.

I might have to do this over again tomorrow... If i manage to take some better photos tomorrow... There is still a little daylight left in the morning. (added 2 more)

Paper: Bazzill, Nille, Water Colour Paper
Punch: Spellbinder Frame, Retro Flower Punc
Embelisshment: Silver Metal Bead Cap. Lace, Glass Perls
Techniques: Masking the stamp, and stamping again with another stamp and colour. Emossing with Silver Embossing Powder and Holographic embossing Powder
Other: Distress Ink Weathered Wood and Antique Linen

I have used Stamps from Stempelglede on this card... You may order them from:

All theese Beautiful stamps are made by Gunhild Johanne Bay. She is so talented.. Her stamps have been my favourites for a long time...

tirsdag 17. november 2009

I have received an award!

I Have received an award from Mandy . And I need to answer theese questions... I will do my best.
Thank you so much Mandy! I appreciate it! :) :) :)

Where is your cell phone? - In the hall.

Hair? -Blond.

Mother ? - Vigdis.

Father ? - Nils.

Favourite food? - Pepper Steak.

Dream last night ? - No.

Favourite drink ?- My own homemade Blueberry syrup.

Dream goal ? - To be ahead of things.

What room are you in ? - Livingroom.

Your hobby ? - Crafting, Scrapping, Knitting, Sewing, Painting.

Your fear? - Spiders.

Where do you want to be in 6 years time ? - Same as now.

Where were you last night ? - Visiting friends.

Something you aren't ? - Perfect.

Muffins ? - Chocolate chip.

Wishlist item ? - More stamps.

Where did you grow up ? - did I?.

Last thing you did ? - Finish my card for Stempelglede Card Contest.

What are you wearing ? - T-shirt and jeans.

Your tv ? - Is on.

Your pets ? - Only the dotty ones in my corners.

Your friends ? - Love them all.

Your life ? - I like.

Your mood ? - Good.

Missing someone ? - Yes my boyfriend .

Vehicle ? - Yes 2.... -We have 2,- Audi and Mercedes... Very old...

Something you're not wearing ? - Contact lenses.

Your favourite store ? - To many to start mentioning.

Your favourite colour ? - Turquoise.

Last time you laughed ? - Yesterday.

Last time you cried ? - Cant remember...

Your best friend ? - one of them is my neighbour :).

One place you go to over and over ? - my neighbour:).

Person who emails you regularly? - ebay..... :).

Favourite place to eat? - home.

Facebook ? - Yes.

I need to pass this on to 5 lovely people and here thay are:






Please pop over and pay these lovely girls a visit and take a peek at their fab blogs.

fredag 13. november 2009

Congratulations to my dear sister Paula!

Stamps: Magnolia, KH Design, Stempelglede (Worlds Bests Sister)
Paper: Bazzill, Nille
Punch: Spellbinder, Martha Stewart Doily Lace, Seashell Corner from Nankong
Embelisshment: Metal Angel on heart, Ribbon
Techniques: colouring image whith Distress Ink refillers, Emossing with Silver Embossing Powder,
Other: Archival Ink Black

mandag 9. november 2009

Maria og Fredrik

A Weedding Card I made for two of my friends from work. -They got married in September.
I have used Cream coloured And White paper. Templates from Panduro and ( xxx). Spellbinder Nestabilites. QK Eliza Mini. Flowers and Glass pearls. The inside is written with my Calligraphy pen.

In Love
Toghether they walk hand in hand
Two souls with invisible bond
And hope they can age together

(author unknown)

(Not so good translation, sorry!).

Maria og Fredrik!
Thank you so much for a wonderful Wedding-weekend!

fredag 6. november 2009

Merry Christmas

Stamps: Wiff of Joy
Paper: Bazzill
Punch: Spellbinder, McGill Design Punch Pine, Retro Flower Punch
Embelisshment: Metal bead cap, Rhinestone
Techniques: Colouring with Distress Ink refillers

mandag 2. november 2009

Marit & Karl Erik

Punch: Spellbinder Frame, McGill Leaves Punch
Embelisshment: Glass Pearl, Liquid Pearl
Techniques: Dry Embossing with stencils.
Paper: White and Gold
Other: Flowers, QK Eliza, Photo from internet

søndag 1. november 2009

Flowers for you!

Stamps: Magnolia, Stempelglede, Rhonna Farrer
Paper: Bazzill
Punch: Martha Stewart Doily Lace, Spellbinder Nestabilities
Embelisshment: Metal embellishment
Techniques: Painting with Aquarel colours.

søndag 25. oktober 2009

Wiff of Joy Callenge 52

Stamps: Wiff of Joy, Stempelglede
Punch: Spellbinder, Retro Flower Punch
Paper: Bazill, Nille,
Embelisshment: Pearl, Liquid Pearl
Techniques: colouring paper with Distress Ink, also using a sponge. Embossing with coloured stamp pad and Clear Embossing Powder,Other: Stickles, Clear Embossing powder
Other: This is my first Challenge ever. So lets see if i mangage to use the Mr Linky... Also this is the second Wiff of Joy card I have ever made.. I have fallen in love with theese stamps.

My first Wiff of Joy Card

Stamps: Wiff of Joy, KH Design
Paper: Bazzill
Punch: Spellbinder, McGill Design Punch Pine, McGill Snowflake,
Embelisshment: Metal bead cap
Techniques: colouring paper with Distress Ink, also using a sponge. Embossing with coloured stamp pad and Clear Embossing Powder,
Other: Stickles, Clear Embossing powder

tirsdag 20. oktober 2009

De Beste Gratulasjoner

A clean Cut card With no embellishment.
Stamps: Stempelglede, Rhonna Farrer
Paper: Bazzill
Punch: Spellbinder, Seashell Corner from Nankong
Other: Photo from internet. Swirls and Text are stamped with Distress Ink.

A hug for you!

Stamps: Magnolia, Northstarstamp
Paper: Bazzill
Patterned Paper: Nille
Punch: Spellbinder Nestabilities, Fiskars Diamond Border Punc
Embelisshment: Flowers, Metal embellishment
Techniques: colouring paper with Distress Ink using a sponge. Painting with Aquarel colours.

fredag 16. oktober 2009


Stamps: Stempelglede, Rhonna Farrer
Paper: Bazzill
Punch: Seashell Corner from Nankong, McGill Design Punch Pine Branch, EK Whale of a Punch Daisy, Spellbinder
Embelisshment: Bazzill chips Flourishes, Flowers
Techniques: colouring paper with Distress Ink using a sponge. Embossing with coloured stamp pad and Clear Embossing Powder
Other: H2O, Stickles, Clear Embossing powder, Scrappers Floss white, gold stamp pad, Photo from Internet

Happy Birthday

Stamps: Tilda from Magnolia Sentiment is from Stempelglede
Papers: Bazzill
Patterned Paper: Nille
Colouring: Aquarel pencils and Distress Ink
Punch: Seashell Corner from Nankong
Embelisshment: Charm Made with Love heart, Eyelets
Techniques: colouring paper with Distress Ink using a sponge
Other: Jewelry making wire and crimps
Card size: 15x15 cm.

onsdag 2. september 2009

Lene og Ove

Utstyr: Cuttlebug, QK Eliza Mini, Spellbinders, Blomster, Metallringer, Bånd, Sølv Embossing pulver, Chipboard swirl, H2O maling,

Enkelt Bryllupskort

Et helt enkelt kort hvor jeg heller ikke har brukt stempler.
Utstyr: Cuttlebug, BossKut, Gull Embossingpulver, QK Eliza Mini, Martha Stewart Doily Lace, Spellbinders, Bilde fra Internett, Stickles.
Og noen detaljer kommer best frem i et annet lys.....

60 år

Her er enda et kort hvor jeg faktisk ikke har brukt et eneste stempel.
Utstyr: Cuttlebug, QK, Blomster, Spellbinders, H2O maling, Sticles, Liquid Pearl, Blonder, Kopi av gammelt bilde.

80 år

Utstyr: Spellbinder, Cuttlebug, Stempelglede, QK, Retroflower Punch, Blomster, Distress Ink, Perler og Glass Perler, BossKut, Bilde fra Internett.
Og nærbilde av noen detaljer...

40 +40 igjen

Utstyr: Martha Stewart Doily Lace Punch, Blomster, Stickles, Copper embossingpulver. Glass dråper, Bånd, Eylet, QK Eliza Mini og Classic, Distress Ink
Stempler: Stempelglede

40 + 40 år

40 +40 år og gaven var gavekort til sykkel-fond... så hva passet vel bedre en dette morsomme stempelet...
Utstyr: Spellbinders, Cuttlebug, Copper Charm, Akvarell farger, Blomster, Glass dråper, Bånd, Tag, Distress Ink.
Stempler: KH design, Art Impressions, Norsk Stempelblad AS

60 år

Utstyr: Spellbinders, Bosskut, QK, Blonder, Bånd, Liquid Pearl, Rhonna Farrer, Bilde fra internett, Silver Pearl Embossingpulver, Blomst, Bazzill.


Utstyr: Spellbinders, Cuttlebug, QK, Rhonna Farrer, Blomster, Stickles, Puncher Leaf, Sølv embossingpulver, Sølv maling, Bilde fra internett.

Gratulerer med dagen

Distress Ink, Retroflower Punch, H2O maling, Metallpynt, Rhonna Farrer, Spellbinders, Copper embossingpulver.

Line Marita

Nok en gang, konfirmasjonskort med bilde. Dette syntes jeg ble enkelt men stilig. Har brukt Leafy Vine border fra QK til å lage blad grenen. Den finner du hos Bikuben :)
Blomstene er kuttet ut med Retroflower Punc og pyntet med halvperler. Blomstene er ogsp malt med H2O maling. Bokstavene er Eliza Mini fra QK. Rammen rundt bildet er kuttet ut med Spellbinders. Stemplene er fra Stempelglede.

Til Konfirmanten

Er laaaangt på etterskudd her. Så nå kommer det noen konfirmasjonskort. Laget i vår. Denne gangen et litt enkelt guttekort. Stemplene er fra Disse stemplene er utrolig detaljerte. Har derfor ikke embosset de med stemplet med Arcival Ink. Navnet er kuttet ut med QK Eliza Classic. Swirlen er også fra QK. Har svampet med Faded Jeans fra Distress Ink.

mandag 15. juni 2009

Iris Johanne

BossKut, Retro Flower Punch, QK, Halv Perler, Spellbinder, Stempelglede, Rhonna Farrer, Distress Ink, Bilde fra internett, McGill -Starburst,

Verdens varmeste smil!

Tenkte jeg måtte dele dette fantastiske smilet med Dere! Hvem blir ikke gla over å se denne jenta!
Utstyr: Stempelglede, Rhonna Farrer, Retro Flower Punch, Starburst Puncher fra McGill, Spellbinder, H2O, Sølv Embossing pulver

Velkommen inn i de voksnes rekker!

Gratulerer Silje! Velkommen inn i de voksnes rekker! Ønsker deg Lykke til i Livet! Vet at du vil lykkes fremover! Stor klem fra Solveig
Utstyrs liste: Spellbinder Nestabilities, QK, , Distress Ink, Stempelglede, H2O, Fiskars

torsdag 14. mai 2009

Til Konfirmanten

Et konfirmasjons kort i kjent stil fra meg... Også denne gangen brukt flere forskjellige stempler fra Stempelglede.... Mine favoritter! Grunge Scroll. Kaprifol og blader - hjørne fra stempelsamlingen: Ord om glede og helt til slutt. Kjære Konfirmant fra samlingen Til konfirmanten. Har brukt Silver Pearl Embossingpulver og Dusty Concord, -Distress Ink. Rammene til bildet er kuttet ut med Spellbinders.
Blomstene er Punchet ut med forskjellige størrelser i Retro Flower Punch. Blomstene er pyntet med Starburst Puncher fra McGill og Bladene er Puncher fra CARL Carla Craft. Og til slutt pyntet med halv perler.